Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic, easy and without any paper

COMPLAVIS® is a technology enterprise specialized in electronic data interchange. Via our EDI clearing center and our solution C-EDI we offer customers (supplying companies as well as purchasing companies) to put their EDI-processes completely into our competent hands - for a cheap and fixed price. We rely on EDI from Germany, which is a safe and reliable tool providing highest quality. In doing so we are active in the German, European and Chinese market. Tie, for example, your Chinese suppliers and customers to EDI from Germany with highest quality and safety from COMPLAVIS®.

Customer loyalty through EDI – electronic, easy and without any paper.

Invoices as PDF-receipt and record. We support the standard invoice format ZUGFeRD for senders and recipients of electronic messages.

Beyond EDI we offer a portal solution which enables you to implement the E-Invoicing as a sender or recipient ad hoc without any expenditure regarding IT. You can directly receive electronic invoices from various suppliers or send them to a big number of customers. So you are immediately ready to start with EDI. Become part of the D-Trust Business portal network! Electronic processing of invoices with COMPLAVIS®.

We offer you profound knowledge about process, integration and rollout management and especially the practical experience to implement and process your company’s connections. We would like to support you when creating, keeping up and developing procedural documentation respecting the necessary compliance.

We provide you with highest data quality and reliability. We are in charge of a multitude of enterprises and clients - and this number is increasing steadily. Contact us. We are looking forward to supporting you.

The next step in the digital age...

Convert to electronic invoice processing with Complavis®.

Opportunity and Risk Simulation

Recognize risk at an early stage

With the help of our Risk Simulation solution, we will support you to increase the professionalism of your risk management. Moreover, we offer answers regarding Opportunity Simulation besides the normally used business case creation in order to support your decision-making process – that is to say decision-making based on simulations.

Compliance and Governance

Compliance with COMPLAVIS®

More and more emphasis is put on safe-guarding and management of compliance from an economic, political and societal point of view. Laws are becoming more tightened and regulations are nowadays much more multifaceted and complex. Therefore we will assist you in the systematical avoidance of compliance risks in business processes.

IT Security, Compliance, Governance, Risk Management, Risk Simulation, Data Security, Audit Preparation and Audit Support, Business Continuity Management (BCM) etc. with COMPLAVIS®!